This “triple” portrait of my youngest daughter is inspired by memories of our first pub stop in London.  When creating this portrait I talked to her about who she saw herself to be and I painted images of her to represent that discussion. Painted in one of the frames is Anna as a jogger; she had explained that she runs with her heart, so I omitted her head to underscore that reality for her. The left frame is painted to celebrate the joy and satisfaction she takes in her friendships. The final image of her face is a truer her- she contemplating the sum of both the above images and all aspect of who she perceives herself to be.

Photos below show To Be or Not to Be exhibited at Monroe Community Church, Artprize and one of the original sketches.

SIZE30″ x 42″
MEDUIMOil on canvas
AVAILBILITYThis piece is SOLD. Giclees are available.