CASSANDRA SWIERENGA is a painter from the Chicago area.   She chooses subjects from ordinary life, creating mainly in oils, watercolors and wood block prints.   Combining an indirect and a direct style of painting in her works in realism, she attempts to recreate absorbed, reflected and transmitted light and color in her practice.  Cassandra’s  most recent body of work is inspired by the  20th century abstractionist painter W. Kandinsky, who advocated expressing an artist’s emotional inner world utilizing  unique compositions with the movement and placement of reductive geometric shapes .

“Best Medicine” 36″ x 72″ Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
“Fall Line of Trees”  5.5″ x 20″ watercolor on paper
“Traveling Mercies”  8′ x 24′  foam core panels , house paint, gold leaf, paper collage
“Contemplating Tide Pools”  40″ x 30″ oil on canvas