CASSANDRA SWIERENGA is a contemporary realist painter from the Chicago area.   She chooses subjects from ordinary life, creating in both oils and watercolors along with dabbling in encaustics, acrylics, etchings and fabrics. Combining an indirect and a direct style of painting, she attempts to recreate absorbed, reflected and transmitted light and color in her practice.

Search  Cassandra Swierenga’s artwork  by  images at left or the drop down menu above and find albums with multiple pages of paintings; click on individual painting images to give you dimensions, availability and often the back story and/or history of  each piece- enjoy!

“Best Medicine” 36″ x 72″ Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
“Fall Line of Trees”  5.5″ x 20″ watercolor on paper
“Traveling Mercies”  8′ x 24′  foam core panels , house paint, gold leaf, paper collage
“Contemplating Tide Pools”  40″ x 30″ oil on canvas