This piece was exhibited  at the Katrina Benefit Art Exhibition in Lombard IL.

SIZE48″ x 36″
MEDUIMOil and paper collage on canvas
AVAILBILITYThis piece is SOLD. Giclees are not available.

This painting was born out of a response to the devastation that came in the aftermath of the Katrina Hurricane. It was difficult to imagine the impact that this storm was having on so many lives. I watched the news and subsequent stories of the suffering and loss and pain and fear that many were experiencing. So many stories were captured in newspapers, magazines and television stories and I saw a collective sadness and grief in so many faces. Those sad faces collected in my mind and I wondered how I could touch those faces with a glimmer of hope, the kind of hope that only God can provide. I knew that my life couldn’t take me to personal contact with those that were suffering so I chose to sponsor “A Katrina Benefit Art show” that would raise funds that could be distributed by CRWRC to the Katrina survivors.

The piece I created for this show reveals the city of New Orleans flooded and on fire, with those haunting faces rising above the city in a cloud of smoke. The city is dark and grey, the loss of color representing the loss of vibrancy, life and the loss of hope. Many faces reveal anguish and some are nearly indistinguishable in the smoke as if they are being swallowed up by the enormity of what has happened. But there is a bright spot: the sun is peaking through the clouds and smoke. Through the clouds and smoke is a bright colorful reminder of hope, a reminder of a God who is always present, even when everything around us seems dark and sad, He is our hope, always present! And look at how His light reflects on us, in the painting the sun’s reflection is growing and its warmth begins to reflect and spread in our world. I pray that this will remind all viewers that even in the darkest moments of our lives the light of God’s love and grace will never be put out.