A friend of mine adopted a daughter and one of the items her daughter was able to  take home from her birth country was this blanket.  When I was asked by her to illustrate the book that  mirrored her story, I decided to incorporate this blanket on almost every page as sort of the embodiment of both mothers’s love for the child, that that love went with her even as she moved from place to place and even changed countries.  ( as irony would have it, when she  got her daughter home, it was not this blanket that she was attached to but the blue nondescript  blanket from the airplane that she found comfort in.)

From the book cover  “One child, two mothers, a world apart. One Thousand and One Tears chronicles the life of an abandoned child and the two mothers who love her. Through beautiful illustrations and heartfelt prose, One Thousand and One Tears helps tell an adoptees’ life story”

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Watercolor on paper, 19″ x 10″

Original and Gilcees are available.