SIZE10″ x 14″
MEDUIM Watercolor on paper
AVAILBILITYOriginal and Giclees are available.


This piece is another painting from my Hand Series which all portray  children being held by an unseen adult. For me , this series is a parable of sorts. Often as we race or stumble through life, what ever our circumstances, we are being held in the safety and security of an unseen loving God, represented by the arms and hand of the adult in the painting.   We all live through moments in life when we really only have a childlike understanding of the greater picture of His story unfolding, unbeknownst to us; our vision is clouded by what we are perceiving and feeling.
Most of my work comes from my own source material (my own photos or observations) The source material for this image was taken from a newspaper article in the Chicago Tribune about  New Orleans after Katrina. There were so many compelling images and stories, I wanted to share in the experience by painting one of those images, studying the nuances of grief and fear and hope and all the range of emotions in the faces of those devastated by the hurricane.