SIZE16″ x 20″
MEDUIMAcrylic and spray paint on canvas
AVAILBILITYOriginal and Giclees are available.

On hot summer days, we would take our boat down the Chicago river, skimming through the water under bridge after bridge through the downtown.  Every bridge has a unique signature bridge house in varying architecture types and many are flanked by lamp posts, sidewalks and support structures.

This piece, part of a group of paintings attempts to depict that vibrating heat and shimmer off the edifices along the river.  I drew and cut out paper stencils and spray painted thought the stencils to put the color down and  with the white paint, allowed the spray to float under and around the edges to allude to the wavelike atmosphere when the sun shines on an intensely hot summer day.

This piece can stand alone or be used as a grouping with two, or  up to five paintings hung together.