Kritters Climbing

Loud Whispers

Kandinsky‘s ’K’ritters?

My newest series is a continuation of exploring and adopting some of the principles from the work of the artist Wassily Kandinsky.  Since the art world celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus last year, I have been digesting the ideas behind the preliminary classes that Kandinsky taught at the Bauhaus. These classes focused on both “analytical drawing …and the theoretical consideration of color and form. ” 1

In my pieces the color and form are definitely less theoretical; our youngest daughter is having her first baby and I ‘appropriated’ her color palette for the new baby’s room as the color choices to use in my paintings:)  Even so, I take careful consideration in finding the balance of colors and values and a sense of movement in these pieces.

And they are just fun!  I thought about a child looking at them at different ages- as an infant seeing the bold black and white contrast and then for a small child looking at all the lines, shapes, and spaces, and imagining what they might think they are seeing- spiders? pigs? insects? giraffes?  “What is it?” would be a welcome question!

In truth the piece I like the best is the one ‘that’s not like the others’, the grown up piece perhaps?  It is airy and elegant and interesting for me to look at- I hope you like it too!

Fun fact: I changed my signature for these pieces to reflect the style of the piece- wonder how many of you know what the shapes are a reference too?

1Frank Whitford, Bauhaus (Thames and Hudson world of Art) 1984

Kritters Rolling

Kritters Bouncing

Kritters Skating