A breeze through the Newberry Library and the Palette and Chisel


With a few hours to spare before a dinner meeting, we stepped inside the Newberry Library, got library cards and perused the premises.  Loved the mosaics as we walked in- a worn pattern of color and repeats- felt like an art piece with a memory and wounds of time randomly preserved in the tiles.  After I took a few brief scrolling s through various data bases in the library, the building closed it’s doors for the night.    On the way out I caught a few glimpses of more pattern in the old card catalogs, the banister of wood and metal, the windows in the stairway and the beamed ceiling sporting a light fixture I loved.


Around the corner from the Newberry Library is the Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts.  Not sure it was open, we walked inside and enjoyed the first floor galleries.  A friend of mine has a studio in the building and we went searching for her door- found it, but could only leave her a note.  Upstairs, the third floor is off limits to visitor- classes are often in session so we spooked around a little longer, and headed out for the rest of the evening.  Always nice to have a few spare minutes to enjoy the fruits of other artists hands





Reflected in the mirror, is the door to my friends studio at the Palette and Chisel!